“We wanted a technology solution that could streamline our employee management operations. Deputy’s employee management tools, including the GPS-enabled time clock and payroll integration, helps us do just that.”

Dominic Shaughnessy, Executive Manager

Formed in 2006, Titan Global is a full service security operations and investigation consultancy that operates in the state of New York and surrounding metros. In addition to on-the-ground security, Titan Global has more than 200 years of security expertise and knowledge among its three divisions: maritime, canine and aviation. The company currently manages a pool of more than 200 security guards, providing security for a wide variety of clients from law enforcement to shopping malls to public areas, such as water parks and schools.

The Challenge

Whether it be a natural disaster or last minute request for additional security services, Titan Global’s ability to keep up with sudden changes in staffing needs and maintain clear communication among its security team is critical not only to supporting its clients, but also protecting the general public.

In many situations, state laws mandate extensive records of when and where certain security must be provided, this means that Titan Global must keep thorough running records of timesheets and incident reports among the company’s more than 200 guards. Since the company’s inception, its managerial team has manually updated timesheets with shift changes, as well as manually pulled together multiple timesheets and incident reports for the clients who required them – a time consuming process that’s also prone to error.

Furthermore, to keep up with demands and last-minute requests, Titan Global’s project management team had to spend an average of 4-5 hours per month creating timesheets, gathering and manually loading each guard’s availability and ensuring the right, qualified staff member was assigned to a shift. If a one-off shift change was needed, the management team had to spend an additional 2-3 hours of admin time.

The Solution

Titan Global needed a solution that would help them to reach the following goals and objectives:

  • Create a more effcient way to manage its pool of guards by streamlining the employee scheduling and staff clock- ins and clock-outs.
  • Improve and consolidate manager-to-employee communication.
  • Enhance the quality of service to its clients by providing more accurate documentation and reporting of security services.
  • Improve invoicing accuracy.

Although Titan Global looked at a number of employee management tools, it ultimately selected Deputy, a leading global workforce management solution, in January 2016 for its flexibility, functionality and GPS tracking.

Instant Employee Scheduling

By leveraging Deputy’s employee scheduling tool, Titan Global is now able to create monthly employee schedules for hundreds of employees in just minutes – easily structuring staff based on their roles and qualifications. Once timesheets are finalized, Titan Global employees can access their monthly schedules via laptop, tablet or in the Deputy Mobile App. In addition, if an employee cannot make his/ her shift or a client needs more security guards than originally required, Deputy allows Titan Global to fulfil staffing needs within minutes by offering shifts to available employees via a mobile push notification. This removes the need for Titan Global’s managers to spend time contacting the entire guard pool, then calling or texting (yet again) to notify the team that the shift has been filled.

Ultimate Reporting Accuracy

By utilizing Deputy’s GPS-enabled Time Clock tool, Titan Global management finally has digital records of the exact location and time an employee clocks in and out. If a client requires special documentation of where and when security services were provided, or questions whether a guard was present during a security incident, Titan Global can quickly and accurately pull this documentation.

Titan Global has also integrated the employee timesheets generated by Deputy’s solution into its existing payroll provider, QuickBooks. If an employee reports for duty later than when they were scheduled to, the QuickBooks integration can catch the inaccuracy and ensure Titan Global correctly bills its clients. “Creating employee timesheets and filling last-minute shifts was a nightmare for us,” said Shaughnessy. “Deputy makes this process easier and more streamlined, with a GPS- enabled time clock and timesheets that are easy to integrate into our payroll system.”

Streamlined Communication

With Deputy’s communication platform, Titan Global management is able to post last- minute shift changes or important company procedures within minutes on the Deputy newsfeed. Moreover, Deputy’s one-to-one tasking tool allows Titan Global management to assign specific tasks to each employee, depending on a client’s special needs and procedures. This streamlines communication and ensures that each employee has a comprehensive understanding of his/her roles and responsibilities. It also empowers the Titan Global guard pool to confidently perform required duties.

The Results

In just five months, Titan Global has significantly improved the time its managers spend scheduling and managing employees. Ultimately these efficiencies have enhanced the company’s entire communication process and enriched its customer service.

Improved Productivity

  • Reduced time spent creating timesheets by 80%, from 4-5 hours a month to mere minutes.
  • Improved last-minute shift change process from 2-3 hours of communication to only a few seconds.
  • Created easy access to employee schedules and simple implementation of last-minute shift changes.
  • Streamlined communication between management and employees about duties and responsibilities.
  • Continues to empower employees to con dently perform required duties.

Enhanced Customer Service

  • Provided ultimate certainty among clients and management of when and where Titan Global services are provided.
  • Reduced legality issues around inaccuracies of when and where Titan Global security was provided
  • Created easy-to-share documentation of services and total transparency between Titan Global and its customers.
  • Streamlined payroll processing that resulted in more accurate client billing and reduced invoicing errors.

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