Our Story

Deputy started because Steve needed a Deputy


Start Up

Steve Shelley was running a people-intensive business in Australia.

Steve Shelley

The early years

He loved the entrepreneurial aspect of the job. In the first five years Steve did amazing things and his business grew rapidly and organically.


Organic Growth

Steve Shelley

Staffing Demands Multiply

More staffing demands

But with success, came pain. The more successful his business became the more staffing demands multiplied. Rather than focus on strategically growing his business, Steve’s day job amounted to administering his workforce, editing timetables and managing tasking. Stressed, time poor and with little time to focus on the big picture he needed a solution.

Platform development

Enter Ashik Ahmed who would build a platform for Steve to automate staff scheduling and time and attendance management.

Hello data

With more visibility from rich insights gleaned from reporting he could focus on reducing inefficiencies and building a better, more efficient organisation.

Manual staffing tasks reduced to zero

Before long, Steve began to rely on this solution as his second-in-command. His Deputy.

More time to focus on big ideas

No longer a slave to workforce management, Steve could do amazing things again and over the next eight years his business expanded to 1500 people – all without additional IT or head-office administrative staff.


In-house solution delivers visibility and control


Deputy officially launches

Deputy started in the cloud

With the advent of the cloud, Steve and Ashik could see the potential of Deputy in any business, anywhere.

Hello World

Having sold his existing business Steve, together with Ashik co-founded Deputy in the cloud to take their staffing solution to the world.


Deputy Users

Team Img

Sky's the limit!

Now a global business
Deputy is helping hundreds of thousands of people across all industries in 70+ countries save time and money managing their workforce so they can focus on what they do best, and be amazing.

Our Leadership Team

We lead by a set of values: dependable, efficient, positive, united, trusted, your second in charge.

Asia Pacific

Lisi Drane

Lisi Schappi

Design Lead

Jake Shelley

Jake Shelley

CX Lead

Mike McGee

Mike McGee

Product Lead

Nikki Johnsons

Nikki Johnson

People & Culture Lead

Bakir Haurdic

Bakir Haurdic

Head of Sales, APAC

Matthew Tribe

Liam Smee

Head of Marketing, APAC

Luke Targett

Luke Targett


Ian Torrence

Ian Torrance


Craig Harris

Craig Harris


Ashik Ahmed

Ashik Ahmed

CEO, CTO & Co-founder


Derek Jones

Derek Jones

VP Sales, Americas

John Cozad

John Cozad

VP Operations, Americas


Edward Simpkins

Edward Simpkins

Head of Sales, EMEA

Stephen Woods

Stephen Woods

Partnership Manager, EMEA

Our Board

Steve Shelley

Steve Shelley

Chairman & Co-founder

Ashik Ahmed

Ashik Ahmed

CEO, CTO & Co-founder

Howard Leibman

Howard Leibman

Board Member

Daniel Demmer

Daniel Demmer, Openview

Board Member

Ricky Pelletier

Ricky Pelletier, Openview

Board Observer

Our Mission

To serve and protect business owners by making it easier to manage employees and perform related tasks, saving them time, and money so they can do the things they love. Deputy is the trusted and dependable second-in-charge.
Trusted by 50,000+

businesses across the globe

These days, every second of every day, someone around the world uses Deputy to start or stop their shift. We deliver big business smarts without the hefty price tag so you can focus on work that matters.
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