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The best of Deputy is even better with advanced payroll integration, customizable employee permissions and more powerful tasking features.

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Take control of your payroll expenditure

Your payroll will reflect the exact wage payment for employees including overtime and loadings, giving you great control of your payroll expenditure.

"We had looked at proprietary systems in the time and attendance arena, but all of those offerings were unwieldy and expensive. We are winning now because Deputy is helping us to manage staff costs." Giro Maurici Founder, San Churro

Create custom user roles and permissions

Tailor Deputy to your organization with customer user roles and access permissions for your entire workforce - employees, managers and supervisors.

Have organizational insights at your fingertips

Knowledge is power! Access a large library of 20+ reports to get in-depth knowledge of your organization and employees.

“We used to take hours to fill certain last minute shifts. Using Deputy we now have the ability to fill these shifts in minutes.” Queensland Rail

Drive efficiency via centralized procedures

In addition to personal tasks, add your organization's tasks/procedures to Deputy so your employees can view them online at each location.

“By using Deputy, we’ve improved time spent scheduling employees by 80 percent. The ability to streamline the employee management process gives us the peace of mind that our clients are getting the highest level of security service, and we have documentation to back this up.” Dominic Shaughnessy Executive Manager, Titan Global LLC

But wait there's more.

Deputy Enterprise is an entire suite of tools, built on the cloud, which empower each and every member of an organization. Get your team working in harmony. Ensure the business is scaleable. Bake best practices into procedures. Ensure all your locations run optimally.

Free up your leaders

Get your team out from the back room and into the action, adding value to the business in ways that only leaders can. Leverage the power of mobile apps to manage the business from the front line.

Measure and manage

Have great performance data available daily - rather than an annual review that no-one wants to do and no-one does well. Capture employee performance to coach, develop, inspire and celebrate.


Increase workforce engagement with the communication tools your employees want to use, on the devices and platforms they love the most. Engaged employees embrace change.


Maintain a digital audit trail, and rely on world-class security. Minimize the data-related compliance and security risks for your business.