Web Product Update

Jake Shelley

Jake Shelley

Customer Experience Manager

December 23, 2013

Web Product Update

Jake Shelley, Customer Experience Manager
December 23, 2013

We have added some important updates to Deputy just in time for the Christmas season! Read on to see how you can take advantage of our new and exciting product updates and don’t miss the sneak peek on one of our 2014 features at the end!

Public Holiday costings added, just in time!

We understand the importance behind the accuracy of employee/roster costs, so we know you’re going to really appreciate this update. Currently there are fields to set Weekday, Saturday and Sunday rates, and in response to some constructive feedback, Deputy now allows the input of Public Holiday rates.

How do I set which days should be a Public Holiday?

Within rostering, please select the day that you wish to convert to a public holiday


Click on Options (next to publish) and then select Mark as Public Holiday


When marked as a Public Holiday, the day will turn to Yellow to inform you of your upcoming Public Holidays.

Shifts that are worked on these Public Holidays will be paid at the rate set in the Public Holiday input field. This field can be accessed via simply searching for an employee and then editing their profile. You can also edit your employees via the People page and then input their Public Holiday rate from there.


Currently, if you set a Public Holiday it will be added to all the Locations within your Organisation. If this Public Holiday is location specific, you may need to withhold from setting this Public Holiday date.

XERO Customers: If your pay item in XERO has “PH” within its rate title e.g “Casual Bar Level 1 PH” we will automatically allocate the Public Holiday hours to that pay item.

Find a replacement for a future shift

The day we released the ability to find a replacement, we were asked if we could allow this very feature on future shifts. Today we are very happy to announce that it is now available. If you have published a future shift, you can now select that shift and select “Find a replacement” from the menu (located underneath the Publish shift button).


You will then be able to find all the possible replacements for that shift. When you send out the request your staff will be sent an email, a push notification and a SMS to inform them that there is a shift available. The first to respond will get the shift and the rest will be informed that the shift has been filled.


You can also find a replacement directly from an Employee’s profile.


This functionality will only apply for published shifts. If your shifts are not published you can simply change the employee within your draft roster and publish when you are ready.

Rostering Improvements

Rostering is the most used function Deputy has on offer. We figured it was about time we added some neat improvements.

Weather reports when rostering

As you may have noticed in the previous images, our rostering software will now contain the weather report for each day.


In a lot of industries the weather can alter the roster, so this enhancement will definitely improve the roster accuracy.

Graph improvements

The dynamic graph that quickly analyses “who” and “when” your staff are working has also been enhanced.

When you hover your mouse over the graph it will provide you with the exact Day, Time and how many people are working.


Approving leave for staff that are rostered

Previously you could approve leave for staff that were already rostered, we have now built in an alert feature to show you all of the rostered shifts that employee has been assigned, so you can make any necessary adjustments before approving leave applications.

Rostering – Sneak Peek

We are very close to releasing another feature that will literally change the way you roster. It is so exciting, that we just have to share it now…

Presently we are working with our close Point of Sale friends at Kounta andVend so that we can integrate your expected sales data into the rostering Graph.


As you will appreciate, your roster can now be moulded around the sales data. This rostering improvement will allow for optimal profit return. With this data you will also be able to view the Wages vs. Sales percentage calculation as you build the roster.


Stay tuned for an exciting 2014 with Deputy!

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