Kicking Goals in Retail – with Vend!

Kristin Harris

Kristin Harris

GM Strategic Partnerships

March 28, 2014

Kicking Goals in Retail – with Vend!

Kristin Harris, GM Strategic Partnerships
March 28, 2014


When you see the colour green, what comes to your mind? Grass, Trees, Saint Patrick’s day, Ireland? For us at Deputy, it’s actually our friends across the Tasman: Vend, the world’s leading cloud POS. Both Vend and Deputy have been strong partners in the Xero ecosystem for many years now. We have always operated on the same hardware (Deputy Kiosk for time & attendance runs on the same iPad as Vend POS does!), and also talk to the same accounting software (Xero)!

However, we never really had any direct integration. We have spoken to many of our common customers to see what they would like to see. Based on their feedback, we have developed a kickass integration that we believe will add a lot of value to today’s retailers.

Many people we spoke to felt like they were:

  • Burning money, when you have too many shop assistants and not enough customers.
  • Missing sales, customers waiting for service and not enough assistants to meet the demand.

The new Deputy + Vend integration will solve all these problems for you in a heartbeat and also give you deeper business insight.

To start with, when you schedule, Deputy will pull in Historical sales data straight from Vend into our Scheduling snapshot. This gives you a clear indication on how your sales perform daily vs how you are scheduling.


Don’t just rely on sales data alone to identify your top performing staff, use the sales data alongside staff performance notes captured in Deputy and cost per employee data to see a complete picture., Deputy’s Roster VS Timesheet Report will overlay Vend sales per staff member allowing you to drill down into business stats. This will allow you to calculate sales bonus as well as see sales effectiveness. As Deputy is rostering and time & attendance (as opposed to separate products!), you can see real-time data on:

  • How you planned
  • How you executed
  • How you performed


Efficient scheduling can be a black art or a “gut feeling”. But no more! Data is king, and Deputy gives you that data. We even display your local weather to maximise the opportunity to meet each day’s demands.

This integration is available FREE of Charge to any existing Deputy or Vend customers. You can get started in just a few clicks!

Here is a step by step guide on how to enable this feature within your Deputy account:

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Kristin Harris
is GM Strategic Partnerships, advising and working with Deputy’s customers and partners.

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