CUSTOMER STORY: Anytime Fitness

“Anytime Fitness is all about how we can provide the best service possible to our members. Deputy's been a key facet in this.”

Corey Kreps, Executive Regional Director

Corey used to keep track of shift changes via emails, texts and a manually printed schedule. Getting a shift covered was almost impossible, as there was no visibility into who was working or when they were working and how to contact them.

Accessing shifts and making changes was a nightmare – until Deputy.

Since using Deputy, scheduling employees and filling shifts is simplified. Back-end time spent updating schedules, filling out paperwork and creating spreadsheets is eliminated. Employees are no longer forced to access a computer to clock in/out and managers can instantly see who is available to fill a shift.


“It’s been a phenomenal service for us to dial in and make sure our employees are being as efficient as possible,” said Corey.

With Deputy, employees find it easier to clock in and out on their phones.

“I can go and check my schedule on my phone, anywhere and anytime. I don’t even have to be on WiFi which is pretty awesome.”

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