Love Deputy? It could be worth $10,000

Ashik Ahmed

Ashik Ahmed

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder

August 02, 2017

Love Deputy? It could be worth $10,000

Ashik Ahmed, CEO, CTO & Co-Founder
August 02, 2017

Our 2017 Referral Contest is now closed.

Thanks to everyone who entered and referred people. We’re excited and humbled to have such a strong community of people who love Deputy. And remember to check back soon: we’ll be announcing a new referral program in early 2018.


We spend as much time as we can talking to customers. From employees to managers, from cafes to retail stores, we truly believe it’s the best way to create a great product.

One interesting thing we found through these conversations is that, although Deputy was originally founded to help managers, the employees of businesses using Deputy actually love it just as much (if not more). We also found that a lot of employees who use Deputy will carry it with them as they move to new workplaces.

Users are the backbone of Deputy, so why not do something for all the awesome people who have referred us and give away a bundle of cash to the users who have shown us so much love.

The Contest

Each month for 5 months, we’ll be giving $10,000 to whoever has referred the most new customers to Deputy in that month.

We’ll also be giving a bonus prize of another $10,000 for whoever has referred the most customers throughout the life of the contest.

There’s no limit to the amount of times you can win the cash either, so if you refer a whole bunch of people to Deputy through the course of the contest then you could pick up more than one $10,000 prize.

Details of the contest

The contest, which will run from the beginning of August 2017 to December 31st 2017, and is open to residents of Australia, New Zealand, USA, and the United Kingdom.

You can enter the contest by visiting and entering your details. You’ll then be given a unique sharing link which you can give to friends, colleagues, family, etc. when recommending Deputy to them.

That unique sharing link will direct anyone arriving at it to a landing page that is personalised for you (I.e. It’ll say ‘Lisa wants you to use Deputy’) and contains videos and information about Deputy and a link to start a 30 day free trial.

Once the referred business creates a Deputy trial account and goes on to be a paying customer, you’ll get 1 referral and be in the running to win the cash.

The entrant with the most referrals wins!

Enter the contest today!

Now that you know all about it, what are you waiting for? Head on over to now to enter the contest, get your unique sharing code and get in the running to win the cash!


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Ashik Ahmed
Ashik is the Co-Founder and CEO/CTO at Deputy. He spends most of his time thinking crazy things about Deputy and how it will change the world.

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