Now you can never Leave us

Jake Shelley

Jake Shelley

Customer Experience Manager

October 07, 2014

Now you can never Leave us

Jake Shelley, Customer Experience Manager
October 07, 2014


Each and every day we are improving Deputy so that we can make your work life more efficient. We are very pleased to announce that within our latest release we have improved all aspects of leave management in Deputy.

How have we improved Leave?

Exporting leave to payroll

Yes, you can now export your leave timesheets directly into Payroll! Exporting leave into payroll was one of the most requested features we received at Deputy so we are very excited to bring this functionality into the product. We now provide a direct export of leave into Xero, MYOB, WageEasy and ZenPayroll. If you are using any other payroll package we have also updated our CSV export to include the various types of leave.

Allowing half day and time specific leave requests

Your staff can now apply for leave requests that are both date and time specific. It is now possible to select the date and time you will be leaving and returning from leave. This will allow your staff to be available within the roster for an overnight shift that may land on the start day of their leave request.

Added a larger variety of leave types

When approving leave within Deputy we have included a large variety of leave types so that all your leave requirements can be met. We have included a comprehensive list of Paid and Unpaid leave types. These include;

  • Annual Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Community Service Leave
  • Long Service Leave
  • Other Paid Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Time Off in Lieu
  • Unpaid Leave – Leave
  • Unpaid Leave – No Show
  • Unpaid Leave – Sick

Submitting leave in the past

Previously Deputy did not allow the input of leave for past dates. We have since opened up this functionality so that you may input leave for days in the past. When you input leave for a past date Deputy will instantly create leave timesheets for that period. You may now submit a sick leave record for a past date of which an employee may have been sick.

Methods of submitting leave requests

There a number of different ways for your staff to submit leave requests. Leave requests can be submitted via the Deputy smartphone application (iPhone, Android), via the Deputy Kiosk iPad application and via logging into Deputy on their computer (

Will Deputy still sync the leave requests from Xero?

Now that Deputy has the ability to push annual leave, sick leave (and more) to Xero during the Timesheet export process we will stop pulling leave from Xero into Deputy so that these leave records do not double up.

Up until now, we have allowed leave to be imported from Xero to Deputy. This allowed leave only to be entered in Xero and reflected in Deputy rostering. This has not always been reliable due to the fact that employers/ employees are not always keen on using xero’s employee portal to create and request leave.

Need more help?

If you feel like you would like to read a detailed article about leave within Deputy, please access this article – Leave Management In Deputy. If you have any further queries about leave please submit a help ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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