Four Tech Tools For Smarter Business Operations

Katie Sawyer

Katie Sawyer

May 15, 2016

Four Tech Tools For Smarter Business Operations

Katie Sawyer,
May 15, 2016

To all small business owners who feel that there are simply not enough hours in the day – you aren’t alone. SCORE tells us that HR work consumes 25-35% of an owner’s time, and 7-25% of that time is spent handling employee paperwork.  

Fortunately, the emergence of smart and affordable software solutions for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are allowing business owners to work more efficiently, freeing time to focus on the key aspects of growing their business.

For instance, did you know that we, at Deputy, integrate with more than 300 top-tier business applications?  This helps business owners save time and improve overall accuracy when it comes to time management, client billing and payroll processing.  Ultimately, these tools help business owners work smarter, not harder.

All of the solutions can be accessed via the cloud. That means no hardware (or the fees that go with hardware) for the business.  Set up will be fast and painless in a cloud solution, allowing the business to implement right away and experience results much faster than when hardware is involved. Additionally, cloud solutions can be canceled when they are not a fit without great expense or the time cost of replacing hardware in the store. Most importantly, all of these solutions work together to keep your business running.

With Small Business Week upon us, we wanted to share our top four SMB tech tools that, when integrated with Deputy, help effectively manage and engage employees, automate manual business processes and increase overall productivity.  While there are several solutions we recommend, these are a few that we think are particularly well suited for the small business owner – especially for brick and mortar shops.



1: Xero

Xero is an easy-to-use online accounting software designed specifically for small businesses to run accounting from their MAC, PC, tablet or smartphone.  From obtaining a real-time view of your cash flow to instant collaboration with accountants and reducing manual data entry, Xero takes the stress of the financial forecasting process out of the equation for small business owners. Small businesses can fully manage finances anytime, anywhere with Xero; including reconciling, sending invoices, creating expense claims and recording receipts.

Small business owners should not be in the weeds of their business – focused on accounting, but should be working to grow the business.  Xero will give you beautiful software to take the heavy lifting out of accounting and give you that much needed time back.

By integrating Xero with Deputy, business owners can automatically sync company and employee financials to create realistic financial forecasts.



2: Kounta

Kounta is a digital Point of Sale (POS) software system for companies that operate commerce in the cloud (and if you are not operating in the cloud yet, we want to give you the tools to get there). From payment processing and reporting, to inventory management and tip recording, Kounta is a powerful small business management system for companies operating in the 21st century.

There are a myriad of POS systems to choose from today and Deputy has several favorites – all depending on your business needs. Any small business business owner knows the value of a POS that integrates with multiple solutions for them.  That is part of why we think Kounta is valuable for SMB owners, it integrates with loyalty solutions, inventory management, and works with many receipt/label printers and cash drawers – all of this with no server to maintain.

Integrating Kounta with Deputy provides greater insight into sales revenue and labor costs, enabling more informed decisions on all aspects of business management. For example, the Kounta-Deputy integration allows business owners to forecast the number of employees required during peak business times. In turn, this creates greater efficiency for business owners, ensuring time and resources aren’t wasted during the off-peak business days.



3: Dropbox

You’re probably already familiar with Dropbox, the file sharing and secure storage software solution trusted by 500 million users across the world. Dropbox helps keep businesses organized and allows business owners and managers to access files at the drop of a hat. Small business owners can utilize the enterprise features of Dropbox to ensure each co-worker has the same access, management, security and sharing controls over company information. Shared documents allow for greater collaboration in real time. It also gives you the remote access and storage you need as the business grows without the maintenance or management costs of on-premise solutions.

Integrating Dropbox with Deputy allows business owners complete backup of all Deputy employee data into Dropbox. It also integrates non-cloud POS sales data via .CSV files saved in Dropbox.



4: Gusto

Gusto’s delightful, modern, cloud-based payroll software is simple and affordable. The easy-to-use tool takes the weight off of small business owners by providing a paperless and straightforward solution to payroll that scales quickly to grow with businesses as they expand. Even more, with Gusto, all government payroll taxes and filings can be handled automatically.

By integrating Deputy with Gusto, employee timesheets recorded via Deputy tools can be pushed into Gusto in a matter of seconds, which eliminates manual data entry. Also, business operators can automatically assign overtime with state laws inherently considered.

While the team at Deputy thinks each of these solutions are a great fit for any small business, you don’t have to only take our word for it!  All of these solutions listed here have been included in Apple’s Mobility Partner Program, along with a few others (read more on that here.)

Managing a business of any kind can be challenging.  Thankfully, these top tech tools coupled with Deputy help manage daily operations so business owners can stay focused on growing their company, not managing it.  The below video shows just how easy Deputy makes managing employees from any location.

Want to learn how you can automate daily business processes? Try Deputy for free today at or call us at 1-855-6-DEPUTY (855-633-7889).

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