Ensure the Most Suitable Employee Fills Your Open Shift

Katie Sawyer

Katie Sawyer

June 18, 2020

Ensure the Most Suitable Employee Fills Your Open Shift

Katie Sawyer,
June 18, 2020

Whether you’re currently planning to return to work or you’ve already been ramping up for months, there’s one common thread: you need the right staff for each shift.

That means you need the flexibility to address any last-minute changes or the ability to adjust your schedule at a whim. To make that easier, Deputy has introduced Open Shifts With Approval.

Now you can offer shifts you need to fill — and ensure the most suitable employees pick them up.

For those more familiar with Deputy, Open Shifts with Approval is an expansion of our existing shift bidding feature, with the added ability to select who you want to accept the open shift.

Ensure the most suitable employee fills your shift

Let’s say you’re managing a call center. One of your callers is on leave for two weeks and you need to fill those shifts. While you can offer those open shifts on a first-come-first-serve basis, you might not get the most qualified employee.

Additionally, that can unfairly penalize someone who was already too busy on calls to claim that shift. Instead, Open Shifts gives your vetted staff the chance to pick up the extra shifts they want to ensure the right fit.

Fill shifts based on your staffs’ attributes

When you think about filling an open shift at your warehouse, you might need someone with a specialized skill. Does that person need a license to drive a forklift? Does the person need training on fulfilling shipments? How about certifications for dealing with hazardous material?

Use Open Shifts to approve shifts based on employee shift cost or those that were first to bid.

Schedule efficiently and effectively

With just a click, you can create schedules with lower costs and the most qualified staff. To learn more about how Deputy can help you find the right staff for every shift, sign up for a free trial today. Or use our 24/7 chat to speak with someone directly. And if you want to learn more about how start using Open Shifts, check out this help article.

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